Chris Sadhill is an evocative writer and poet dissecting the human experience from the fringe. Common themes of poverty, society, love, loss, mental health, and death are found throughout his body of work where he leans heavily into thriller, suspense, sci-fi, and drama.

Starting in independent filmmaking in 2017, he explored amateur screenwriting, directing, and cinematography while working as a freelance videographer. Sadhill helped write and produce several award-winning films and held many roles in the film and television industry under a different name. He is most notable for his film The Picnic created under a different name.

Sadhill’s writing style is described as a meaningfully layered hybrid of in-your-face and nuanced beauty; His stories have been regarded as powerful, reflective, and artfully woven. Chris’s characters have a propensity for being mentally broken or flawed and are typically tortured by a dark life. He enjoys examining social interactions between people as well as society's relationship with nature often writing pieces that provoke his readers.

In 2023 his short story, A Great Fall HD-3.0 was published in Querencia Press’s Summer Anthology, and he was awarded the Elite 8 Silver Trophy in the Winter 2024 Writing Battle with, Canary. He is a muti-prize-winning Poet having earned his latest win in the 2023 Summer-Into-Fall Wrap-Up Challenge with The Current.

Chris resides near State College, PA with his forgiving wife and two pompous cats. For more of Sadhill sign up for his Newsletter, The Bluebird Paradox here: https://chrissadhill.substack.com/


Where did you grow up?

Most of my childhood was spent exploring the hiking trails of central Vermont calling home to Barre, Montpelier, Middlesex, and Williamstown until I was roughly eleven. When things became too unstable for my family I was forced to move around a lot and touched both coastlines in just a few years. I like to say living poor forced us to live like a gypsy. My roots remain in Vermont, and to this day, I consider myself a Vermonter.

What led you to become a writer?

The first thing I ever wrote with substance was an untitled love poem during my senior year in High School after I’d been rejected by a girl I asked out. The embarrassment and heartbreak were overwhelming to me. I attribute this single event to being the crack in the wall that opened the floodgates of an entire childhood of unheard trauma and muted words out into the world. I began writing down my pain, suffering, and love songs any way I could and continued my emotional writing path for years eventually shifting into songwriting. As I entered my young adult phase I learned to strum a few chords on my guitar and serenaded the dried-up hearts of the dead who were the only ones unable to escape as I played and sang out of tune. All jokes aside I officially began writing in the summer of 2017 after my brother-in-law asked me to write and shoot a short indie film with him. Being me of course, I dove head first into writing a massive script for that film titled “Haywire” then took everything to the next level never stopping for the next five years. I held many roles in the film and television industry, but over time realized I enjoyed writing and directing films more than technical camera and rigging positions. This realization has led me to now where I write everything Prose length from drabbles to novellas and even have a few novels planned for the near future. I have also gravitated back to poetry and developed a unique and distinct voice. Where will my next words take me, who knows? That’s the fun of it! No one likes a spoiler.  

Who are your writer influences?

It may seem bizarre for a writer to say, but up until a few years ago, I hadn't read much since High School and am attempting to play catch up at a snail's pace. Authors who have influenced me over the years are, Gary Paulsen, Jean Craighead-George, R.L. Stine, Edgar Allen Poe, and recently Charles Bukowski. I have been newly introduced to Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and Friedrich Nietzsche. I intend to dive into their works as well.    

Where do I find material or inspiration for stories?

This is a complex question and one, I think many creatives will relate to. My inspiration comes to me from all different directions. Sometimes it sneaks up from behind kidnaps my mind and usually takes me away from whatever I was doing at the time—seriously, ask my wife how often I am unfocused. Other times it comes late at night in the form of a dream (or nightmare) when no one is watching. In these cases, I have a dream journal next to my bed to capture the idea before it is lost. I also grab ideas for stories or characters from the world around me, whether it be unique social concepts and special personalities, or just an interesting style of a person. Once in a while, an old idea is sparked back into a flame by a TV Show, or Movie, or Online media. Inspiration is all around us, it's just a matter of tapping in and being open to receiving it when it comes. The advice I'd give to anyone thinking they are not "Creative Enough" is to be a conduit for positive energy, and be open-minded and the inspiration will come. Creativity sometimes is a skill practiced often, so never give up.   

What are the current projects and stories I am working on?

Like most creatives, I have dozens of unfinished projects and tons of stories scribbled down and scattered everywhere. Right now I'm stoked to be adapting a film script I wrote a couple of years ago into a novella originally inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's, A Tell Tale Heart. On the side, I plan to clean up my earlier short stories Gravel in Your Gut, Down on Beaver Pond, and my newest honorable mention piece entered into the 2023 Writing Battle, the Fear of Water. Once I am done with all these I have tons of new and exciting things coming in 2024, including writing for the 2024 Winter Writing Battle and much much more. Stay tuned! 

What are you reading right now?

I recently finished reading Mary Shelley's, Frankenstein, and Animal House by George Orwell. I loved them both! Frankenstein is my newest spirit book. Now, I'm moving on to 1984 by Orwell and flipping through Charles Bukowski's, The Last Night of the End of the World Poems. My 2024 planned books to read are Frankenstein (Done), Meditations, Animal Farm (Done), 1984, The Last Night of the Earth Poems, Tales of Ordinary Madness, Brian's Winter, War of the Worlds, and Monstrosity, Humanity by MM Schreier. I will update this list as I continue reading them.