I'm excited to tackle your next Project!

No matter the project if it involves writing and offering creative solutions, I'm your guy. I always ensure I am hitting my client's goals. Let's write your future project now!

Services: Detailed Descriptions Below

For interest in my paid writing services and to hire me for your next project please email me your proposal request with detailed info outlining the parameters of your project, and I will review and respond at my earliest. Please allow up to 3-7 days for an official response. 

Writing Services


Are you stuck with an unfinished or lacking film script? Do you need help envisioning that perfect scene or epic ending? Or do you have a great film concept but know nothing about scriptwriting or directing?  

Why not hire an award-winning writer & director?

That's right, HIRE ME! A lot of people don't know I started my writing career in the film & television industry. 

Like you, making films began as a small Christmas project in 2017 with my brother-in-law and family, but quickly exploded into a passion and a career. 

I've got years of indie film & television experience specializing in low-budget filmmaking, script and screenplay writing for short and full-feature projects, and even directing.  

I've received dozens of film festival accolades for my films The Picnic, and Kaptio. In addition, I've helped work on handfuls of my colleague's films.

I specialize in:



I'm always looking to read new and exciting stories and poems and would be thrilled to offer my take on your work. 

Before you move on to the editing phase consider hiring me to Beta Read your newest Poem, Short story, Novellette, Novella, or Manuscript. 

I offer competitive rates for Beta Reading in the following genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Post-apocalyptic, Dystopian, Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Outdoor Survival, and all forms of Poetry. However, if your genre is not listed, consider reaching out still, and I may take on a new adventure if my time allows it.

I offer a detailed critique outlining my take on all aspects of the story, plot, characters, author voice, and any plot holes or chronology problems. I do not offer editing services. After I've finished reviewing your piece, you're welcome to have a Q&A session with me while the story is still fresh on my mind.    

For a detailed review of your work please provide an email with a link or downloadable copy along with your title, synopsis, story word length, writer bio, and any questions along with what you are looking to have reviewed. 

Please allow up to 30 days for an official response.



Do you have words stuck inside you that must get out, but they require a little more zing or spunk from a professional writer? Is finding the perfect way to tell that special person in your life how you truly feel just too difficult, but you have a burning desire to impress them with a poem, a one-of-a-kind card, a surprise speech, or even a proposal? 

Well, I'm your guy! I specialize in providing crisp and beautiful Poetry, Card Sayings, and Speeches, guaranteed to pack a dramatic and memorable punch. 

No matter the occasion there is always a more eloquent way something can be said, so leave it to me to put the right words into your mouth at just the right time and you get all the credit!  

I offer project-based rates for any occasion, personalized just for you:


Okay, so you've developed these great characters: They're deep in emotion, you've given them a broad range of skills, a couple of flaws, a bunch of perfect backstories, some are even cultured and sophisticated, and they all have a few relatable quirks or life issues, but you have no world to place them in or you've got an enormous, vastly elaborate world with enchanted forests, magical plantlife, and mythical creatures or a futuristic city set in 3045 on Mars, but no characters worthy of entering such realms. 

I got you! I have years of experience focused on developing deep impactful characters and lively believable settings that bring on a life of their own. I love the challenge of creating all types of characters, and world settings.

World-building and Characters are some of the more fun things for me to write so let me help you work through some of the issues you are having with a current story or even a preparation for a new one. 

I offer help on:

Professional Writing Services (Coming Soon):


Service & Description Coming Soon. 


Service & Description Coming Soon.  


Service & Description Coming Soon.  

My Process

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

1) Project Consultation

First, we must discuss the parameters of your exciting new project. 

In this initial meeting, we will clearly define your expectations, identify key checkpoints for deadlines, discuss your wants, needs, and/or concerns, and develop a custom plan that achieves your project goals.

I will use all the information gathered in this meeting to develop a project outline and create a contract provided you would like to move forward with working with me.

This can be face-to-face if you are local to Central PA, via an online video platform such as Zoom, or we can send a series of emails back and forth. 

3) Work Begins

This is the beginning of an exciting journey!

Based on the specific details, parameters, and deadline schedule, I will begin working on your project.

This may be my outlining, writing, reading, and/or reviewing your written work depending on your needs.  

The time spent on this project is specific to your timeline and will vary. I will provide details and updates along the way on my progress as well as screenshots or beta copies if needed.

5) Final Corrections

Almost There!

This is a final review of the project and does not require a meeting, however, we can conduct one if needed. Usually occurs at the 90- 97% checkpoint. 

This is the time we make any minor changes, omissions, title updates, etc.

Please note that this is not a time for major alterations as they should have been requested and accepted at the halfway point review. 

Let's button your project up and push it past the finish line! 

2) Contract Agreement

I will provide a tailored contract service agreement for you to review and sign unless you offer your own. 

We will then meet or converse via email to discuss all aspects of the contract, make any last-minute minor adjustments, and provide signed copies to each other to begin work.

This is a standard practice that protects all parties involved. I will not begin working without a signed copy of the agreement.

Depending on the specifics, partial payment may be due at this time. 

4) Halfway Point Review

This is a time for celebration. We’ve made it halfway, but let’s check to see if I’m on the right track with your project. 

This is a great place for us to stop, review, and redirect where I am going or confirm that I keep driving forward, and it's a perfect time to make corrections, suggest edits, or input new ideas as we see the project develop.

We will hold a meeting face-to-face if you are local to Central PA, via an online video platform such as Zoom, or we can send a series of emails back and forth.

6) Final Product

Whoa, we made it! 

I deliver copies of all original documents, notes, and everything pertinent to the contract in a secure file sent via email or a file uploading service.

Your project folder and all contract details will be stored and backed up for up to three years in my database.

Champagne anyone!